The Exchange

Have some speed skating items you want to sell or buy?  Try posting your ad here.

Click here to submit a brief description of the item you are seeking or want to sell, include your asking price and even a photo.  We will post the item, along with an link to your email address.

For Sale:

1. Apogee Team SK suit.

Size large. Built ins plus Kevlar. From 2007 winter games. Asking $100

Bont Kevlar size extra small. Asking $40

Contact Lee at 306-691-5076. Email 

2. LG Cutproof Short Track Suit

-Adult Size Medium, good condition $75.00 dollars ~Contact

3. New Skates for Sale

-Short Track Size 41 Maple ZST1/16.5 Maple Duro blade

Long Track -Size 41 Maple GL 90/17 Maple Gold blade

Brand new skates, they both have been heat molded and worn twice ~Contact




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