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Saskatchewan Speed Skating Association Awards

Dr. Bernie Goplen Award

This award is to be given annually to a volunteer member of the Saskatchewan Speed Skating Association. The nominee must be a member in good standing who has qualified under one or more of the following:

1. Advanced the sport through dedication and leadership.

2. Provided above-average loyal, faithful and consistent service to speed skating.

3. Improved participation and interest in the sport by promotion of unity and co-operation among skaters.

4. Improved the technical level of skaters as shown by medals and championships at regional, national and international meets.

5. Created an ideal skating climate by promoting a high level of organizational skills and enthusiasm at the local, provincial and/or national level.

6. Fostered and promoted the highest ideals of sportsmanship and fellowship among all participating members.

Nominations are to be submitted to the Saskatchewan Speed Skating office by March 31. The Saskatchewan Speed Skating board will make the decision at the pre-AGM meeting in April, with the announcement of the recipient at the Saskatchewan Speed Skating AGM and presentation of the award at the Fall Classic. A club or an individual may nominate any member in good standing. The nominator may nominate members for other clubs or from the Saskatchewan Speed Skating executive. The individual nominated must have been active in a volunteer capacity in sport for a minimum period of five (5) years.

Application Form

2016-17 Cash Calendar Prize and Draw Winners

$100 Cash Draw Winners Prize Draw Winners
Kohen Grimwood -PASSC Maureen Grabarczyk -RSSC
Sharon Cole -KSSCMJ Gordon Wiles -KSSCMJ
John Morris -KSSCMJ Dan Oremba -RSSC
Tom Hearn -Melville Glen McMaster -RSSC
John Kincaid -RSSC Norm Cloutier -RSSC
Cyndi Taks -Melville Louise Lummerding -Melville
Nicole McDonald -PASSC Marie Fish -KSSCMJ
Aaron Korthuis -KSSCMJ Ericka Krieger -Melville
Al Sieben -Melville Blake Coleman -Melville
Michelle Morris -KSSCMJ Darran Stamm -RSSC
Adam Dowling -KSSCMJ Christine Petrichuk -Melville
Dion Bear -PASSC Lora Bzdel -RSSC

SASSA High Performance Bursary

Purpose: The SASSA High Performance bursary program was created to reward athletes that are dedicated to the Sport of Speed Skating and have demonstrated the potential to achieve excellence in the sport. These athletes will have proved this potential by having significant results at National Championships. The purpose of this funding is to recognize the achievements of these athletes and help support their development to eventually achieve National Team status. This bursary is meant to reward exceptional athletes; therefore it may not be awarded every year.

Qualifications: Athletes must be between 16-19 years of age in the season the Bursary is given. Skaters must compete at a minimum of two National Competitions in Short Track or Long Track to be considered for this funding. Any SASSA skater that meets the qualifications could be nominated.

Application Form

HP Bursary Recipients

2019- Marco Schumann, Gabrielle Sanson, Marc-André Doyon, Brad Heit, Matthew Scutchings

2018- Marco Schumann, Gabrielle Sanson, Olivia Moyse 

2017- Graeme Fish, Gabrielle Sanson, Marco Schumann, Olivia Moyse

2016- Marco Schumann, Graeme Fish, Gabrielle Sanson

Dave Thomson Memorial Fund

The Dave Thomson Memorial Fund was established, through generous donations from Dave’s family, friends and colleagues, to recognize Saskatchewan Speed Skating Association’s provincial coach, Dave Thomson, who died suddenly on March 24, 2002.The purpose of the fund is to provide financial support to Saskatchewan skaters training at the Calgary Oval.

Guidelines for grants to individuals:

1) Must be a Saskatchewan Speed Skating member in good standing

2) Must be named to the Saskatchewan Speed Skating Calgary Oval Program and follow the Saskatchewan Speed Skating policy on the program

3) Are not eligible if a member of the National or Development Team

4) Can only receive one grant per year

Applications for the Grant must be received in the Saskatchewan Speed Skating Office by April 15.

Grants in the amount of $200 will be sent to the skaters on November 1.

If the skater leaves the Program or is requested to leave the Program, that skater will be required to reimburse the grant money.

A thank you letter or note to the Dave Thomson family would be appreciated. The letter or note should be sent to the Saskatchewan Speed Skating office for forwarding to the family.

Application Form

Speed Skating Canada Awards

Each Branch of SSC is entitled to submit one name annually; if you are interested in nominating someone for these awards, the completed application must be submitted to Saskatchewan Speed Skating two weeks prior to the Saskatchewan Speed Skating AGM, traditionally held early May.

Official of the Year

Any Speed Skating Canada official who has demonstrated meaningful, long term involvement with a Club, Region, Branch, or the National Association.

Saskatchewan winners: 1994 Eugene Hearn, Saskatoon SK;1996 Vern Phoenix, Regina SK; QC 2002 Jim McClements Saskatoon, SK

Coaches of the Year

Any Speed Skating Canada volunteer who has demonstrated meaningful, long term involvement with a Club, Regional, Branch, or National Association as a coach.

Saskatchewan winners: 1991 Larry Shepel Saskatoon SK; Iris Fletcher Regina SK; 2003 Rod Johnston Moose Jaw, SK

Outstanding Administrator Award

Any Speed Skating Canada member who has demonstrated meaningful, long term involvement with a club, region, branch, or national association as evidenced by some or all of the following achievements:

1) Served with distinction on a club, branch, or national executive contributed with distinction to the general development of speed skating at the club, branch, or national level.

2) Contributed long term involvement that led to the successful implementation of a new grassroots program at the branch or national level.

3) Contributed with distinction to a special project that assisted in the growth and development of speed skating.

4) Showed leadership in obtaining sponsorship or financial assistance for speed skating at the club, branch, or national level.

5) Developed special public relations strategies which contributed to the promotion of speed skating.

Saskatchewan winners: 1992 Henrietta Goplen, Saskatoon, SK; 2006 Diane Berg, Saskatoon, SK

Peter Williamson Memorial Trust Fund Bursaries

The awards shall be made to an athlete who:

1. Best combines athletic and scholastic achievement

2. Has the ability to communicate well with the coaches and fellow skaters

3. Shows leadership ability and is a positive role model for other athletes.

An applicant must:

1. Be registered as a member of Speed Skating Canada

2. Complete the application form

3. Indicate the intention to enroll in a post-secondary educational institution for the year or semester going forward and provide a proof of that intent from that institution; and,

4. Submit all documentation prior to the deadline of April 16th to the office of Speed Skating Canada.

Saskatchewan Winners: 1995 Jason Parker, Melville, SK (LT); 2005 Mark Jesney, Saskatoon, SK (LT), 2007 Lucas Makowsky, Regina, SK (LT)

John Hurdis Award

The award which due to its prestige, will not necessarily be awarded every year. It will be bestowed upon volunteers who have made an outstanding contribution to the advancement of speed skating at the national level and/or international level.

Saskatchewan winners: Henrietta Goplen Saskatoon, SK

Gagné Family Award

This award, which will not necessarily be granted every year, will be bestowed upon a family who have made an outstanding contribution to the development of the sport of speed skating in Canada.

Saskatchewan winners: 1997 Mackay - Goplen Family Saskatoon; 2002 Templeton Family Moose Jaw, SK

Jean Grenier Appreciation Award

This award was first established and presented in 1999 by the Speed Skating Canada Board of Directors. It is established in the name of Jean Grenier, a long time volunteer to speed skating in Canada and a Canadian representative in the International Skating Union (ISU). Due to the prestige of this award it may not necessarily be presented every year. This award is presented to an individual or individuals that has/have assisted the sport of speed skating in Canada in ways other than work done at clubs and branches. This would include but is not limited to volunteer work on organizing national and international competitions, clinics and meetings.

Coaches Award of Excellence

The Coaches Awards of Excellence are awarded to those who have made contributions to the sport of speed skating in the role of a coach. The award is not given based on the achievement of athletes, but on the demonstrated ability to assist in the development of athletes and the sport, including grassroots to high performance coaches. Any SSC volunteer who has demonstrated meaningful involvement with a club, regional, branch, or national association as a coach as evidenced by the following:

Present a positive public image of coaching and the role of the coach

Full certification at Level 1

Contact the Saskatchewan Speed Skating Office for application Forms

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