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SASSA in conjunction with its veteran officials will offer clinics for certification in Levels I & II for the various positions.  SASSA members wanting to upgrade to Level III and beyond are asked to contact the SASSA Office in order to arrange attendance to SSC Certification Clinics.  All Officials Clinics hosted in Saskatchewan will be posted here and on the SASSA Calendar of Events 


Speed Skating Canada

National clinics for officials shall be coordinated by the Official Development Committee annually, as finances and resources permit, to facilitate the upgrading or certification of National officials and to improve the consistency of officiating across the country.

Normally, this will mean one Level 3 clinic each year, with a different specialty being offered in rotation. Specialties for Level 3 clinics are Referee, Starter, and combined Meet Coordinator/Recorder/Clerk of the Course. Specialized Long Track or Short Track clinics may be held in each specialty to address exceptional situations. Branches will be polled each year to ensure there is sufficient demand for the proposed clinic. Expenses related to clinic attendance, including manuals, are a Branch or individual responsibility. The ODC will appoint all clinic conductors.

Branches may request to host a clinic in a different specialty than that scheduled for that particular season. SSC’s responsibility in such cases would be limited to appointing the clinic conductor. Responsibility for all expenses related to such clinic rests with the hosting Branch. Clinic conductors’ expenses are reimbursed at the current SSC rate.

All Speed Skating Canada Officials Clinics and Symposiums can be found here .

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