Officials Certification Program

The Officials Certification Program consists of five levels for Referees and Starters , three levels for Competitor Steward , Meet Coordinators , Timers, Finish Line Judges, Announcers, Recorders, and all other officials.   

Each level has specific technical, practical and performance requirements. 

  • The technical requirements include attendance at a clinic of the appropriate level (please refer to Specific Certification Requirements). 
  • The practical requirements include officiating at the appropriate number of non-sanctioned and sanctioned competitions (please refer to Specific Certification Requirements) as either an assistant  or chief official. 
  • The performance requirements include a satisfactory evaluation from the chief official or Senior Branch Official, a documented recommendation from the Branch and a review and approval from SASSA and/or SSC ODC. 

Responsibilities for certification are as follows:

  • Certification at Levels 1 and 2 is the responsibility of SASSA. Certification should follow the OCP requirements.
  • Certification at Levels 3B (SSC sanctioned meets) and 3A (National Age Class Championships/ Junior Trials) is the responsibility of SSC. 
  • Certification at Level ISU International (International Competitions, including ISU sanctioned Can-Am competitions, Senior Trials) and Level ISU (World Cups, World Championships and Olympic Games) is the responsibility of both the SSC and the I.S.U.

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