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Mon, Oct. 20, 2014

            I am so happy to be welcoming you to our web page and hope that you will see how much we have to offer.  Saskatchewan Speed Skating believes that our sport is a fantastic choice for you and your family.  We are proud of our community and are eager to show you around!

            We believe that we are building a vibrant, open community, providing opportunity to be involved at a number of levels.  Our sport is for children, youth and adults.  Everyone has a gift to offer.  Get involved!  We will help you find your place in our community and you will be amazed at the rewards.

            Saskatchewan Speed Skating offers a fun and healthy way to build character in people.  The sport of speed skating is perfectly suited to teach values such as the benefits of hard work, determination, intrinsic motivation, respect, collaboration and teamwork, competition, goal setting and rewarding individual effort and improvement. 

            While community and character building are two of our pillars, we also empower excellence throughout our organization, in our skaters, in our many qualified coaches, in our top level officials, in all of our volunteers.  In the past year, Saskatchewan sent four Olympians to the Winter Olympics in Sochi, Russia.  Just as our skaters are looking to be better and faster, we are seeking ways to ensure continuous improvement and growth within our community.

            We organize and host national level competitions and events in Saskatchewan.  Some of our people are recognized nationally for their prowess at showcasing our sport and our people.  We believe event hosting highlights the people in our community and the accomplishments of our athletes.

            We have fun.  Being part of our community means you will have fun.  We believe fun has to an integral part of practice, competitions, events, camps, even meetings! 

We would love for you to be an important part of our community.  As we say in our world,

“Fast is Fun!”


Tim Comfort, SASSA Provincial Coach and Technical Director

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