22 and Growing: Can Am 2015

Hunter Viczko, Marc Andre Doyon, Vanessa Coutu, Ceili Bracha, Annika Marshall, Gabby Sanson, Liv Moyse, Brianne Cipywynk, Matthew Scutchings, Matthew Hyrcuik, Jackson Wright, Chanel Bell, Jordan Stevenson, Shealynn Stevenson, Mackenzie Millar, Dade Meinert, Dylan K., Kali Ann Friesen, Makenna Bloom, Alex Fish, Meela Riben, (Joshua Comfort)

So concludes another fantastically successful Can Am camp and competition. I was proud of the kids, the support crew and coaches.
Above all the amazing contribution of Sue Cipywynk, Carina Scutchings, David Stevenson, Dee and Jeff Marshall made our time there excellent and trouble-free. Your spirit of service, passion for the sport and love of our kids is inspiring. My sincere thank you to you all. Thank you also to the parents at contributed by sending food which made life easier for Carina, Sue and Dee.
The kids all did so well.  The main goal was fun and the second was learning. The meet results can be found here.
Please be reminded that I am planning a trip trip to Calgary for time trials December 12. I am also taking out the higher-level older skaters December 18 to the 21st. To qualify for the latter they must have B times from the oval. Please contact me if you are interested in either.
Arno and Jeff from the Oval contributed greatly to the success of the camp. As usual thank you to you both.
Lastly we had two unfortunate skaters who were unable to compete. Regrets and quick healing to both Brianne and Joshua for their injuries. Hope to see you doing what you love soon.
22 skaters is a record at least in recent years. We should be proud of our kids and the growth of our organization. Look forward to more this year and thereafter.
As a last bit of information, I wish to thank SASSA and the HP committee for contributing approximately $6000 towards the camp. I am hoping that people feel supported in their efforts to build community, to have fun and to pursue excellence.
See you in Lloyd
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