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Some thoughts about skates:

1.  Rocker, bend, offset, blade composition, length and pivot point are essential components in the success and safety of our skaters.

2.  Coaches and support volunteers need access to the best possible information about skates. To compete with the best, we need the most up to date knowledge and research about skates for our athletes.  Anything less is not fair to our athletes as it puts them at a disadvantage with those who know about equipment.

4.  All of our skaters have access to the most up to date information on skates.

5.  All of our skaters have access to technicians who can set skates up properly.  For some clubs the technicians are close by, others not.

6.  We need to continually look at ways of improving the quality of (and our knowledge of) our equipment, rental or otherwise.


I believe that there is ample opportunity for you to help your skaters, as a coach or a parent, to make sure their equipment is functioning properly.  Bad skates are no fun!  Good, well tuned skates are safer and faster.  Kids deserve to learn to skate without the hassle of skates that don't perform well. 

Poorly tuned skates, not sharp, not bent, worn out, not rockered, NO FUN! NOT FAST! UNSAFE! KIDS QUIT!

Do I sound negative?  I hope not!

Here are some answers:

1. Randy Plett, Red River Speed, Ask him!  He does Marianne St. Gelais' skates.

2. The skate shop in Calgary.  When you are there have them fix them.  This may not help you to know more!  Send them there.

3. Eric Bedard talked about skates at Fast as Fun.  Short Track Olympian!  Attend his session.  Call him up in Calgary.

4. Robert Tremblay.  Quebec's expert on skates.  Watch his webinar...

5.  Coaches like Bill Christ know stuff, ask him. Ask an oval coach.

6.  Larry Fast in Saskatoon.  He is an expert on steel and skates.

7.  Call me up, ask me to talk to your club, have a skate night with me leading.  I can work with your coaches so that they know this stuff when Larry, Bill and I are gone. (1-306-221-2971)

8.  Buy a gauge and talk to me!

9..Lastly, talk to kids like Hunter Viczko, Olivia Moyse, Dade Meinert. Ceili Bracha and Joshua Comfort.  Ask about their skates.  Ask if they make a difference to their skating.

See you at the rink!



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