Saskatoon to Host Canadian Age Class Long Track, Feb. 7-8

Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club

hosts the


Feb. 7-8

The Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club (SLSSC) is hosting the Canadian Age Class Long Track Championship Feb. 7-8 at Clarence Downey Oval in Saskatoon. The SLSSC has a great tradition of hosting national level meets, having just recently hosted two Canada Cups and an Age Class Championship.  Fritz Schumann and his organizing committee have a national reputation for running great events.

This meet is important for skaters as it is a chance to compete for a national title and skaters from B.C., Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and Quebec are currently training hard and set to arrive in Saskatoon on Feb. 5 or 6.  Saskatchewan is proud to have two skaters defending their national age class title, Marco Schumann and Olivia Moyse.  The meet is particularly important for our skaters as it gives them a chance to be exposed to the best competition they will see all year.  This has been a key component in developing elite skaters from Saskatchewan who go on to international and Olympic level skating later in their careers.


Name Age Class Club
Harrison, Heather 11 SLSSC
Dallaire, Shannon 11 SLSSC
Bracha, Ceili 11 SLSSC
Heit, Brad 12 SLSSC
Knihniski, Dylan 12 SLSSC
Meinart, Dade 12 SLSSC
Moyse, Sam 12 MJKSSC
Cumberland, Brandon 12 SLSSC
Kreiger, Kaitlyn 12 MSSC
Bloom, Makenna 12 PASSC
Grajczyk, Sophia 12 MJKSSC
Friesen, Kali-Ann 12 RSSC
Morris, Molly 12 MJKSSC
Doyon, Marc-Andre 12 MJKSSC
Hrycuik, Matthew 13 SLSSC
Coutu, Vanessa 13 SLSSC
Cipywnyk, Brianne 13 RSSC
Morris, Jane 13 MJKSSC
Millar, Mackenzie 13 RSSC
Asplund, Greysin 13 MSSC
Morin, Caleb 14 SLSSC
Scutchings, Matthew 14 SLSSC
Stephenson, Rowan 14 SLSSC
Stevenson, Jordan 14 SLSSC
Moyse, Olivia 14 MJKSSC
Sanson, Gabrielle 14 MJKSSC
Hearn, Jayne 14 MJKSSC
Kelly, Katen 14 RSSC
Coleman, Blake
Heagle, Adam 14 SLSSC
Schumann, Marco 15 SLSSC
Fish, Alex 15 MJKSSC
Adams, Seth open SLSSC
Bell, Chanel open SLSSC
Brunet, Lexi open SLSSC
Stevenson, Shea open SLSSC
Tremblay, Nicole open SLSSC

(if I have missed skaters please contact me at

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