Excellence, Canadian Junior Championship, Quebec City

Canada Cup 3, Quebec City


            As I sit on the plane heading to Quebec City to be a part of Canada Cup 3 and the Canadian Junior Championships I am anxious for our Saskatchewan skaters to do well and achieve their goals.  We have a number of skaters competing, Christina Thiel, Lucas Morin and who train and live in Calgary and Juliette Wheler and Lukas Conly who live in Saskatoon.  Each of these national competitions have great significance for the skaters and their coaches both as a measure of their skill, preparation and extensive competitive experience. 

            The senior skaters at this competition are trying to improve their times and move up the ladder towards national ranking.  The Juniors are competing for the same reasons but also to make the Junior World's team.  If selected, the team will travel to Poland in February to compete in two meets.  Our Juniors are Juliette, Lucas and Lucas.  Juliette made it last year, all are great skaters and have a chance to make it on the team.  They have high expectations and have trained hard.  The stakes are high, the competition is stiff.  I wish all of our skaters the best possible result.  We will be proud of you regardless of the outcome.

            By the time this post is published, the competition will be done and the Junior World's team will be picked.  You can check out to see how Juliette and Lucas did.  There will have been successes and failures, elation and disappointment.  I am quite sure that many of us don't realize the pressure there is on our top kids to perform.  In sport, sometimes you achieve what you set out to do and sometimes you don't. It is my hope that all of our athletes realize that the journey is more important than the outcome.  We are proud of you for your accomplishments but more so for the determination and efforts you show to pursue your dream. Skaters like Lucas Makowsky have modelled for us how to set high standards, to work hard, to achieve at the highest level, but more than anything, be the best person you can be.

            Luckily, win or lose, our sport is filled with people to help along the way to help you.  Coaches, parents, friends.  Being silly, chatting between intervals, travelling partners, sleep overs, sharing disappointments, celebrating successes, sharing dreams, studying, road trips, camps, hotels, meeting new people, texting, social media.  Learning from the previous generation of skaters. It is also good for us to realize, nothing last forever. Friends move on, dreams change.

            We are all behind you.  Enjoy the journey.  Go out and do your best!

(photos compliments of Diane Marsh, Megan Regehr, Andrea Schumann)

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