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Saskatchewan Speed Skating is committed to creating a sport environment in which all individuals are treated with respect and dignity. Coaches have a responsibility to create a sporting environment that is free of harassment, abuse, bullying and neglect.  SASSA requires that all coaches participating in Speed Skating in Saskatchewan have completed the online Respect in Sport (RiS) certification, as required by Sask Sport Inc.

The Respect in Sport on-line training course can be found at: Respect in Sport

To see why this program is important, please watch the video in the link below!


So far we have 33 Coaches certified as of December 12th, 2014. If you know a coach at your club that still needs to complete the training please tell them to do so immediately!

Hockey Speak Out Program NO LONGER ACCEPTED as equivalency!!!

In February 2013, Sask Sport Inc., with the support of the membership, launched Respect in Sport (RiS) as a required training element for active coaches. We appreciate that our membership has been diligent in adopting policies and timelines for ensuring all active coaches registered with your association have completed the certification in order to coach on the field of play. Of note, through the cooperation of our membership, over 17,000 coaches have completed this important training for the purpose of creating a safer and more respectful sporting environment for participants.
Previous policy direction stated that any coaches that had taken Hockey’s Speak Out program would be given equivalency recognition to Respect in Sport. Equivalency status meant that Speak Out training by a coach could be carried over (i.e. transferred or recognized) from one sport to the next (i.e. a hockey coach with Speak Out training could be exempt from requiring RiS training to coach in baseball, soccer, volleyball, etc.).Speak Out has been retired by Hockey Canada, and hockey coaches are required to take the Respect in Sport program (no transfer or recognition of equivalency from former Speak Out training).
Due to this change, the Sask Sport Board has approved similar policy direction in that Speak Out training be no longer recognized as an equivalent training program to RiS by any other sport.

The following courses will still be recognized as an equivalent training program to RiS for all coaches:
National Coaching Certification Program - Empower Plus
Respect in Schools Program

If you have any questions about the Respect in Sport Program please contact the SASSA office at 306-780-9400 or via email at

Thank You!

Jordan St.Onge

Executive Director, SASSA




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