And Now For Something Completely Different....Long Track Season!

And Now For Something Completely Different....Long Track Season!

Time to Head to the Oval!

(photos compliments of Bill Christ and Andy Young)

Long track skating is great fun for all ages!

Most clubs in Saskatchewan began their skating season in September or October.  Up until now speed skaters in Saskatchewan have been practicing short track.  The thrill of going fast in a confined space, tight turns, games, relays: how do you get better than that?!  For many of us the answer to that is long track skating!  Going fast, fresh air, trees, wind in your face, winter sunshine, hot chocolate, different skates, mom, dad and sister, brother, more time to perfect your technique.  

There is nothing like skating outside on the oval and many clubs have one.  Saskatoon, Regina, Moose Jaw and now Melville have ovals.  Prince Albert used to and maybe will again someday soon.  Clubs have weekend practices and always welcome skaters from out of town.

All you need to enjoy long track is an oval, friends, perhaps a coach and the right equipment.  Skates are different but for younger skaters they can use their short track skates.  Dress up warmer and join the fun.  Long track is for skaters of all ages!

Long track meets are great fun and a wonderful way to meet friends, get fit and to measure your improvement.  Contact your local club and enter a competition!



Long Track Meets this year
Location Date Name
Calgary January 9-11 Alberta Open LT
Saskatoon January 17-18 Saskatoon LT camp and competition
Regina January 24-25 Regina LT
Saskatoon Feb. 6-8 Canadian Age Class Long Track

Tim Comfort, Dec. 3, 2014

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