A Week at Can Am with Andrea and Saskatchewan Crew!

Can Am Logistics and kitchen chef report from Jeff and Andrea!           

We had so much fun hosting the 26 SASK skaters and coaches during the week of camp. The kitchen was the place to be.

All attending clubs did participate in organizing and precooking the meals, baking healthy muffins and cookies. We had vegetable shoppers and bread shoppers! We had so much fun.

What have we learned?

Moose Jaw makes good stew.

Lee knows how to scramble eggs really early in the morning.

Due to cell phone and airport pick up logistics, Andy got diverted from Costco. That was a real drag for Jeff and myself. We “schlepped” our bodies to Safeway to get the forgotten items.

Did it really matter how many Cheerios were floating in the dirty dishwater?

Malcolm is a darn good dishwasher.

Shannon was forward thinking and made sure we did not have to do too many dishes! Sometimes there is a place for paper ware.

McCafè does have door to door delivery on request.

I could not have asked for a better kitchen chef as in Jeff.  Look what he we cooked one night.

Here is the Chicken cacciatore story. (Lenita and Jeff texting)

I would say Moose Jaw was supposed to bring a blender. After we have sorted all the boxes and unpacked the content thereof it was discovered that not one single meal or container was labelled.

Moose Jaw forgot to bring one so we had to borrow one locally.

Thank you Heidi "The Blender Lady" to the rescue

It worked really well.

We as well can share a few Pasta stories. The most stressful meal is in matter of fact the spaghetti and meat sauce day.

How many people can you feed with this box of dry pasta?  So we halved the pack and cooked it in boiling water. After the first batch Jeff trumped up: “This pot of spaghetti will never be enough, my family would eat that in one sitting.” (Wheler is a family of 4) “Must have some big appetites! After the second batch was cooked Jeff did do a quantity assessment:” I guess this is a lot of spaghetti.” So how many people can you feed with this box of dry pasta? 

As per box instructions about 18 people, while as a matter of fact it did feed 26-28 hungry skaters and coaches.

We better not mention the other 5 little emergency boxes which were delivered per Express by Coach Stevenson. They are securely stashed away in a bigger cardboard box now!

Who did know that a pot of boiling water can upset the fire alarm for hours on end?

Lunch was served at the oval on a regular basis. We even organized a table. Blender Lady thought we were the best organized sports team.

The camp was concluded with a delicious roast turkey feast generously donated by the Morin family. Thanks a bunch! It was delicious!

The week went by fast and furious.


 And it was a blast and a blur.

At the end we were all very tired.

Hey Jeff would you say: ”Will we really miss those early mornings?” Who knows?


 We invite you to try it out next year! See you at Can Am 2015

Andrea Schumann, Nov. 24, 2014

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