Many People Contribute to Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club Community

Many People Contribute to SLSSC Community

Thurs., Nov. 6


We have speed skating clubs in Melville, Prince Albert, Humboldt, Nipawin, Moose Jaw, Regina and Saskatoon.  Each club is building a community passionate about developing character in it's participants through involvement in an exciting, fun and demanding sport. Five of the clubs have produced Olympians, the other two have had skaters compete at the Olympic Oval program in Calgary.  Participants in each club varies but some clubs have exceeded 200 members.

It is fun to belong to a community of people working for the benefit of it's members.  It does take a lot of people contributing to get things done in a successful organization.  That's only one way to look at it!  I would argue that belonging to a community is a precursor to excellence within a community.  



The photos are a great idea from the SLSSC.  They are posters on an equipment cabinet that everone walks by every day. In my mind, this is a step to building a larger community, a way of letting the folks know that their contributions are important. To build a successful community like the Saskatoon Lions Speed Skating Club, I think you need to:

  1. invite/approach/ask people to belong to the club, children and adults, not just skaters
  2. help them find something relevant for them to do in the club 
  3. let them run with an idea so they have a sense of potency
  4. provide opportunities for them to develop competency, then excellence in their area and then recognize them for it


Many of our clubs have great ways of building community like the SLSSC.  In the coming months I will highlight successes of other clubs (Regina is preparing a guest blog!) as well as feature writing from skaters, coaches and athletes.

Tim Comfort

SASSA Provincial Coach 






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