Technique: ideas to coach more effectively

In speed skating, technique rules!  Fit skaters can do well but good technical skaters almost always out-perform lesser skilled ones.  I think I am skilled at teaching technique but I still know that it is a difficult task and that I can always learn how to be better.  This season, elite coaches Bart Schouten (national team LT) and Jonathon Cavar (national team ST) gave talks to coaches on the teaching of technique.  I attended the LT talk and Chris Veeman the ST talk (both paid for by SASSA!).  There were some great ideas presented, all of which can enrich your understanding of technique and how to teach it.

I visit clubs quite often.  If you are interested, I can come to your club and present the information passed on to us in those presentations.  Jordan has passed on Chris' notes from Jonathon Cavar's talk and there will be a video of Bart's available soon.  I would love to speak to your parents, coaches and athletes at the rink or otherwise at a mutually agreed upon time.  Perhaps I will bring Chris too? (he also has a job)

Let me know if you are interested.

Tim, 1-306-221-2971

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