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Events are a Way to Celebrate Our People and their Accomplishments

Oct. 30, 2014

            Saskatchewan Speed Skating hosts great events within our province and believe they are an essential way to celebrate the accomplishments of our community.  We have a great many talented people working hard for our skaters.  The hard work is directed at developing character, community and excellence throughout our sport.  

            Our athletes work hard every week at getting better and faster and competitions are a celebration of their improvement and achievements.  Races are set up so that skaters of similar ability have great races.  The winner is the one who learns the most or trains the hardest.  Competitions are fun and develop character.

            Our coaches are primarily volunteers with a passion for sport and skaters.  Our meets are great ways to recognize their gifts as teachers, coaches, mentors and motivators. We believe in our coaches working together for the benefit of all.  We believe that relationship between athlete and coach is the foundation of sport and worth celebrating.

            Competitions are a way to celebrate the efforts of our clubs.  Clubs within the province consist of volunteers with a shared passion.  We believe it is important to recognize when athletes from a club succeed or if they host a great meet.  Our people have been nationally recognized as hosting great events.  Great events build capacity within clubs, provide great opportunity for athletes to compete at a high level and are a model of excellence for our community.

            Our community flourishes if volunteers are provided with opportunity to contribute.  Events allow everyone to contribute to the development of our young people.  Our athletes see how hard our people work for them and develop the respect and character that is a primary benefit of sport.

            In addition to showcasing our people, hosting great competitive events is just plain fun!


Tim Comfort, Saskatchewan Speed Skating

(photos compliments of Megan Regehr)

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