Fun, Challenging & Rewarding 

Racing and competition are important parts of the speed skating experience. After all, the sport is about speed!

To compete successfully doesn't always mean being the first to cross the finish line.  It also means acheiving your personal best and developing the FUNdamental skills of speed skating.

In this regard, Saskatchewan Speed Skating is moving toward a mix of fun, inter-club meets — focused on skill development within a team environment — and competitions that will better prepare skaters to compete at a higher level. So don’t be surprised if you see barrel-racing or counter-clockwise skating, along with traditional races, at some of our meets.

To inspire high-performance athletes, Saskatchewan Speed Skating has created Saskatchewan Provincial and Development Teams in both short-track and long-track speed skating. The primary purpose of the Provincial Team is to provide a competition platform for athletes who foresee themselves moving toward elite competitive speed skating.  The primary purpose of the Development Team is to provide support to National Long Track and Short Track Championships for Train to Train athletes. 

Our goal is to offer a sport that is fun, challenging and rewarding for athletes of all ages and abilities.

Speed Skating Canada 2012-13 Competition Bulletin and Red Book

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