Long Term Participant and Athlete Development

Saskatchewan Speed Skating is commited to the implementation of Canadian Sport for Life's Long Term Participant and Athlete Development Plan (LTPAD) guided by Speed Skating Canada's Manuals: Find Your Edge and Racing on Skates.  Links to the manuals in PDF format are below, just click on the cover page.

Speed Skating Canada, as our national sport organization, has provided the national membership with manuals aligning the Canadian Sport for Life LTPAD Plan with speed skating specifically.  These manuals are very helpful in illustrating clear paths to excellence in our sport.  

In order for Saskatchewan Speed Skating to integrate the LTPAD objectives, a thorough revision of our provincial sport organization is needed.  The manner in which Sask Speed Skating operates on a day-to-day basis must reflect the objectives layed out in the LTPAD Plan. 

SASSA High Performance Bursary

Approved Policy -Nomination Form -Deadline, March 1st

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